15+ Best Icon Packs For Android in 2021

An Android phone has the most significant advantage: you can customize it. You can change elements such as the wallpaper, launcher, and widgets on your home screen to make it look unique. Android allows you to customize the look of your phone’s UI with theming. You can change the appearance of your home screen by using third-party customization apps such as icon packs.

Now, you get many choices when it comes to icon pack options on the Play Store which can be overwhelming. And that’s exactly why we have compiled a list of some of the best icon packs to make your Android home screen look more remarkable. These icon packs can be used on all launchers, except for some stock launchers that are pre-installed.

Best Icon Packs in 2021


Crayon is a word that sounds creative and innovative. The crayon icon pack contains a selection of icons that can be used to express your mood. There are more than 5000+ icons available across various categories. You can use the app’s custom folder icons to represent each folder on your smartphone.

Your device will be lively with Crayon- and pastel-style icons. You also have high-quality wallpapers in the Crayon icon pack and this icon works with all of the top launchers available on the Play Store.


Minma icon pack is modern and beautiful. Minma’s icons are minimalistic and have a touch of color. The icons have a grayish, dark background that looks great when matched with dark wallpapers.

The icon’s central portion is created using minimal lines and strokes. They are almost neon-like in color and stand out, making recognizing the icons even without labels. When used with black backgrounds, the icons provide incredible contrast, especially for OLED displays.

Color Line Dark

The Color Line Dark icon pack features animated icons that pop out, especially when you have dark wallpaper. This icon pack features higher resolution icons and they look great no matter how large you resize them. This icon pack is completely free of advertisements which makes it easy to browse the vast collection and find the right fit for your home screen icons.


The same developer who created the color line dark icons is responsible for another excellent icon pack known as Midnight Icon Pack. These icons are incredibly dark, but only one or two colors make them easily identifiable in an app drawer or array. The collection contains thousands of system icons and stock icons. Also, the icons can be requested for specific applications that are not in the catalog.

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Basit is for all of you who want the utmost minimalism on the home screen. If you don’t like icons labels on your home or app screens, this icon pack is for you. This icon pack focuses on the outline of an icon or logo, making it appear minimally cluttered.

It uses colorful curves and lines that match the app’s color scheme. It looks almost like an app icon stencil. For the best effect, use it with plain white wallpapers or bright wallpapers.

Reev Dark

Reev Dark icons pack uses a black-on-white color scheme to design icons that will look great on light-colored wallpapers. The icons can be whitened on black for darker wallpapers using the ghost icon pack. This icon pack is for minimalists who don’t want too many colors or faces to the icons. The icon pack currently contains 1700+ icons as well as a library of wallpapers with very distinctive looks.


The beeline icon pack is minimalistic. The icons are simple and linearly designed and this icon pack includes many catchy icons that can be used with any launcher or home screen. Beeline includes more than 2100 icons and the matching wallpaper collection.

Beeline supports Muzei’s dynamic calendar and live wallpaper. You will never get bored of the current wallpapers or icons. The apps are regularly updated. They also have the option to request your favorite icons via the icon request system.


Whicons has been one of the top recommendations for icon packs for quite a while now, and for a good reason. This pack’s name is a combination of the words white and icons. The icons are simple and elegant, with a pure white background. This icon pack can be used with any wallpaper to make your home screen look beautiful.

These icons have no definite shapes or backgrounds, so this may be a problem if you are a fan symmetry. You can match it with a minimalistic, white widget, and you are good to go.


Foxbit is versatile and one of the best Android customization apps. Foxbit comes with over 1500 icons and 40+ wallpapers. It also has a dynamic calendar that is compatible with most launchers. The icons are cartoonish and come in a variety of flat-styled icons that are filled with bright colors.

This icon is unique because it has different shapes and different colors. Your device will look innocent with its colorful icons, soft shadows, and high-quality design. The simple, plain design makes it stand out from other themes and icon packs for Android.


Rugos looks a lot like Crayon because it makes your home screen more colorful and fun. Rugos is different because it has a consistent background for all icons, creating consistency and symmetry. This pack will be an excellent choice for anyone who has OCD about icon shapes and sizes.

The icons look a bit cartoony because they appear like tiny pieces of crumpled paper. It will look great paired with bright wallpapers for a funky look.


Appstarct icon packs are unique abstract copies of your existing icons and this icon pack’s name sounds like Abstract.

This icon pack has the best feature of updating its slots every three months with abstract icons. Appstarct also includes catchy and minimalist backgrounds, which makes it even more attractive and this icon pack works with most launchers.


This app has beautiful icons that will sync with any wallpaper. More than 1100 high-quality icons are included in this pack. This icon pack is compatible with the most basic launchers you may be using on your smartphone.

Any color wallpaper will work well with the icons at 192 x192 pixels resolution. You also get Candybar Dashboard, Dynamic Calendar support, and Icon request tool. The app is one of the best icon packs you can use for free, and it also introduces new icons very often.


This icon pack is a universal fit that everyone will like. Rondo doesn’t modify the icons to a large extent. It instead opts for a flat, simple look, with symmetry being the priority. The icons are arranged in a circular background, with the app icon at its center.

The shadows around the icon add the final touch to the icons. They extend to the border of the circle. While the background color may vary from one app to another, the icon’s color will remain the same.


Edzon DM has created Linebit Icon Pack and it provides simple designs that will match the requirements of your device.

The Linebit series is an excellent Icon Pack if you plan to use it with solid-color wallpapers. However, the linebit series has many colors, with the Light and SE versions being white and purple. I highly recommend this best icon pack.

The Grid

The Grid is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a Cyberpunk-style home screen with glowing icons. They have a distinctive teal glow that makes them look futuristic and cool. Your phone will look more sci-fi if you add icons to your home screen and a few matching widgets that contain numbers and information.


Redline Icon Pack is a product of JustNewDesigns. It contains more than 4700 icons and this icon pack features an excellent masking system to hide unthemed icons that will match your home screen. You can find alternate icons for system apps or other apps in the icon pack.

Redline offers Material Dashboard, category-based icons, and custom folder icons. The app allows you to request icons according to your preferences. To get the most extraordinary icons, you will need to spend some money.


The next icon app has over 5600 icons and the icons are compact and easily fit on the home screen because they have a circular design. This icon pack includes high-quality icons. You also get 40 UHD wallpapers, additional app drawer icons, and Dynamic calendar support.

It is important to remember that this icon pack requires third-party launchers to function just like most of the icon packs featured in this list. This icon pack works with all-powerful launchers, including Nova, Action, Apex, and Apex.


The viral icon pack is designed for people who love dark themes. This best Android Icon Pack offers 4000+ icons with 200+ HD wallpapers, so you can find the perfect wallpaper for your home screen. You can also customize wallpapers to suit your tastes and preferences with this icon pack.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, these are some of the best icon packs you can use for changing the look of your home screen. There are many icons available, from simple icons to those that resemble neon signs. Reev Dark and Beeline are great options for those who prefer a more simple design.

General FAQs

What is an Icon Pack?

An icon pack is basically an app that replaces stock icons with new icons and also has attractive designs. Keep in mind that many icon packs can be used with specific launchers. If you don’t have an icon pack that works with your stock launcher then try installing a custom launcher like Nova Launcher.

Is icon pack safe?

Yes. They are a potential risk. Trusting someone only comes down to whether they release the source code and allow you to review it.

How do I install icon packs?

Download an Icon Pack from Google Play Store. Long-press the home screen and then select “Home settings”. Next, select “Appearance”, then “Icon Pack”, and then click “OK.”

Do icon packs drain battery?

With icon packs, you can change icons, shape, color, layout, and other things. But, this all comes at the expense of greater power usage, which ultimately causes your phone battery to drain quickly.

Can you use icon packs without a launcher?

Android allows you to change icons without the need for a launcher. This means that you can add any icon from your icon pack to your System/default launcher.

How do I use icon packs on my iPhone?

With Apple’s shortcut feature you can create a shortcut that launches a specific app, which you can place on your iPhone’s home screen. The next step is to choose an icon image that you want for your shortcut. Now you have a custom icon for your app.

How do I make my own icon pack for Android?

The coolest way to make your own icon packs is via APK using Adapticons. You can create icon packs using this app by selecting apps from a list and then editing or swapping their icons using a simple menu.

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