The 11 Best KWGT Widgets For Android in 2021

Widgets are one of the best things users have on their smartphones. Widgets save time and allow you to see all of your important apps at once. Widgets are very popular on Android platforms. We have compiled a selection of the best KWGT widgets.

There are many KWGT widgets you can use. We only list the best for your convenience. These KWGT widgets can be used to make customized widgets that you prefer. KWGT widgets offer a wide range of customization options. You can either create simple widgets by playing around with the text and pictures or opt for music or weather widgets.

To make widgets look more appealing, you can change the colors and themes of the widgets. The Play Store has many presets that you can use to create widgets of your choice.

Best KWGT Widgets 2021

Windows 11 KWGT

Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is near and will bring many functional improvements to the operating system. You can still get the Windows 11 for KWGT widget pack to transform your Android phone into a Windows 11-like PC with custom widgets. To make it feel like you’re using Windows 11, the device retains the traditional tap to open the Start button.

Each widget is divided into three versions: classic, dark, and transparent. Although nine widgets may seem small, the number of features in each widget will make you feel full. As more information becomes available about Windows 11, developers plan to continue adding widgets that work seamlessly with Android.


Android 12 may not be available in a stable form, and your smartphone might not support it. This widget pack will give you the intuitive and minimalistic interface of Android 12 while developers work on a stable version. This widget pack contains all the widgets (more than 100) available on the Pixel devices once Android 12 is released.

This widget pack includes a variety of widgets, including interactive widgets and clocks. Every widget is round at the corners, which is Android 12’s main feature. It isn’t just for widgets. You can also get the latest themes and customized widgets to create a unique home screen.

Pixxy KWGT

The Pixxy KWGT Pack is a great choice if you love Google’s material design language. The pack contains every widget that Google would have created if they had widget packs. These card-based widgets are bright and pleasing to the eye. They can be used with any wallpaper. Pixxy KWGT is a paid pack of widgets, and the gorgeous widgets are well worth the price.

Sheer Widget

The Sheer widget is a refreshing alternative to widgets that are dominated by bright colors and attractive designs. This KWGT widget’s highlight is its attractive set of translucent widgets. It can be paired with any faded wallpaper to get the best results without the need for any color tinkering.

The Sheer widget offers a large selection of minimalistic widgets. These widgets include multiple options for your calendar, music, weather, and clocks. The widget no longer shows dates and times but instead displays other information in numbers. It’s easy to use, and you won’t be disappointed.


Glass 12 KWGT eliminates those annoying widget applications that prevent you from using your background wallpapers. This widget pack is different. The widgets can be too stark or blurry to match the wallpaper on your home screen. Multifaceted widgets are available that can extract the color from your wallpaper and apply it as a widget.

This widget pack contains 48 widgets, all of which are compatible with the Android 12 rounded theme. These widgets are simple and can be customized to your needs with the Android 12 Widgets KWG.

Ornate KWGT

This pack features minimalist widgets that will leave you wanting more. Each widget in the pack has a minimalist aesthetic that looks great when paired with the right wallpaper.

Ornate includes all the widgets you would expect from a KWGT package. The best part is that the Ornate KWGT pack comes free of charge.

Snow Cone KWGT

Snowcone is the most popular material U design in Android 12. The widget app has many impressive widget options. They are both striking and subtle. The widget app has widgets that work equally well on dark and light wallpapers.

After numerous improvements by the developer, the current widget collection now contains 90 widgets. The battery widgets are also very diverse, making it easy to create a home screen that is lively and detailed.

Exquigets For KWGT

Another great KWGT widget package is here. It contains over 90 functional but minimal widgets. This pack contains widgets for weather, news, and dock.

You’ll also have 50 QHD+ wallpapers to go with your widgets. Although Exquigets is a paid pack of widgets, we recommend it if you are looking for a stylish and functional setup.


Dusk KWGT has the most popular widgets in a multicolored theme with deep darks. These are perfect for your AMOLED display. The widget’s minimalistic design perfectly matches your contrasting wallpapers on your home screen.

The app comes with 60+ widgets, including a weather, music, and battery status widget. You’ll love it! Dusk KWGT presents a collection of flat widgets that are in line with the material design language.

Lucent Widget

Widgets provide quick access and insight into relevant information. Lucent KWGT is an app that provides minimalistic translucent widgets you can place on your home screen.

This app includes 130+ handcrafted widgets such as search bars, music widgets, and text-based widgets. You can add elegance to your home screen with the translucent effect of this widget. You will also receive frequent updates that keep you informed about new features.

Pastel KWGT

Pastel KWGT is our most quirky widget pack. This pack is not your standard widget choice. It offers beautiful widget options with a pastel color combination. To make it easy to distinguish between widgets, ties shapes are kept distinct.

These widget packs look best when combined with gradient-based or material wallpaper. It will instantly brighten up your home screen. The current widget pack includes 45 widgets, but this number could increase.

Wrapping Up

We hope you find the best KWGT widgets in this list. You can create many widgets based on your needs using our list. You can also use these best KWGT widgets as wallpaper. Please like, comment, and share our content to help grow our family.

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