The 12 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android in 2021

It’s not difficult to find great backgrounds and wallpapers for your Android smartphone. Many apps can help you to do this. But finding the right apps for you is key to seeing what you are looking for and how they work.

Many wallpaper apps have old content, which can be frustrating and that’s exactly why we are here to help you out in finding the best wallpaper apps for your Android phone, that can completely change the way your smartphone looks.

Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

Unusual Wallpapers

Unusual Wallpapers has a wide selection of retro and abstract wallpapers in a variety of pastel colors. They look amazing! Artists carefully selected the wallpapers for the application. It is a wallpaper application that combines unique shapes and objects to create a stunning wallpaper.

You will find 500 wallpapers in the application. Every Wednesday and Sunday, new wallpapers are added. You can download wallpapers directly to your device. High-resolution wallpapers are available to fit all displays.

Buffywalls Pro

Buffywalls Pro has an extensive collection of wallpapers that will make your head spin. Each wallpaper is high-resolution and can be downloaded by the user, which is excellent if you don’t have the option to change wallpapers.

You can choose from the most popular wallpapers that are being used by large numbers of users. You can also share the wallpaper link with friends, which is excellent for collaboration.


Resplash, one of the newest wallpaper apps, is here. It is a great place to find photography wallpapers. Over 100,000 wallpapers are available, with new wallpapers added every day. The interface is decent and straightforward. The photos are high enough to be displayed on any smartphone screen. You can even customize the layout with various layout options and a dark mode. Although some areas could be improved, it is overall a positive experience. This is a great place to be if you are a photographer.

Ripple Elite

Ripple Elite offers some amazing wallpapers, but they are very few. Only 140 wallpapers remain available after the last update. Each wallpaper is equally appealing and can be downloaded and applied to your home or lock screen. This application primarily focuses on abstract categories, so there won’t be any photo wallpapers like other applications.

Although the application is simple to navigate, it can take a while to load the wallpaper. One artist maintains it, so you might not get many new wallpapers each week.


Abstruct contains collections by Hampus Olsson. He is best known for the stock wallpapers that OnePlus uses. The name of the app may indicate that a lot of the art in it is abstract. Over 350 wallpapers are available in the collection. The creator updates it when new artwork is released.

This application is a great way to get high-resolution wallpapers from OnePlus or Paranoid Android ROM. They can be applied directly within the app or saved to their gallery for later use. Please note that four of the eight collections are currently behind a paywall and require the Pro Pack.

Pastel Walls

Pastelwalls is an excellent wallpaper app that offers a variety of both static and live wallpapers. Although the current library is limited, each wallpaper has its unique appeal. The interface is clean and straightforward, just like wallpapers.

You can access wallpapers by clicking on the tabs in each category. You can save your favorite wallpapers and return to them later. The developer does not place any download restrictions, which is great if the program is used on other devices.


Stokie offers a wallpaper collection, which includes stock wallpapers that the manufacturers of devices provide. These can be customized by you, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, level blur, and saturation.

This allows you to keep the original look of the wallpaper but make it your own. The application will enable you to create gradient wallpapers if stock wallpapers don’t suit your needs.

You can download it for free, but you will need to make an in-app payment to remove ads and access additional features. Additionally, you’ll get priority customer support.


Wallfever is a wallpaper app that features trendy wallpaper designs that will enhance your home screen. The application introduces new categories such as Pixel Style, Android 12, Organic Looks and Gradients, Poppins, etc. Each week, a new category is added to the wallpapers.

All information about the wallpaper is displayed in the application, including the color palette and resolution. You can apply the wallpaper to your home or lock screen by using the application. The download option was removed from the app recently so that you can’t download duplicates.


WallCandy is another app that works with AMOLED panels. Over 5,000 wallpapers in the catalog can be used as wallpapers on your lock screen or your smartphone’s notched display. It offers an option to automatically change wallpapers, just like most other apps on this list.

It is free to download and does not require additional purchases. You will see ads, but they do not appear very often in my experience.


WalP is a wallpaper app. You can choose from many stock wallpapers made by various OEMs. You can find collections from Samsung, Sony, and stock Android. Open the app and browse through the collection to find the wallpaper that you like. You can choose from a dark or light theme, as well as push notifications to get new wallpapers and an autochanger to change your daily wallpaper. The app seems to hit all the right points and performed well during our testing.


Walpy, another wallpaper app that is new to this list, is also available. You will find a lot of great wallpapers at a high resolution. This app can also change your wallpaper at different times throughout the day. This app doesn’t depend on timers as most other apps do.

It waits for your phone to charge or connects to Wi-Fi before changing your background. There are many options. Walpy focuses primarily on photography, so you won’t find abstracts or other similar items. It is a great solution that offers a good selection.


WallPix is a wallpaper developer that offers a variety of wallpaper apps. These apps are specific to certain devices. They take into account things such as the hole in the camera. One app is for S20 devices, one for Note 20 devices, and one for the OnePlus 8. Although the wallpaper selection is okay, most wallpapers either use the punch hole camera to hide or decorate the phone’s screen.

You can see all the wallpapers by linking to the Google Play developer’s page. MinimalPix is the fourth app. It offers minimal wallpapers and AMOLED-friendly options. If you’re looking for an alternative, many apps can cover the punch hole and notch on other devices by other developers.

Wrapping Up

These were the best wallpaper apps for Android in 2021. These apps have high-quality wallpapers that take up less space on your phone. We have chosen these best wallpaper apps because of their uniqueness and ability to provide wallpapers that meet your needs. Buffywalls Pro is my favorite app from this list. Tell me now which wallpaper app from this article you want to install.

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